Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump's Attack On Syria Will Elicit American Chest-Thumping. But Beware Any U.S. Intervention

Alan: Iraq did not end well. 

Afghanistan did not end well. 

Libya did not end well.

Do you think Syria will end well?


A few years ago, my retired Air Force general friend said: "It seems we haven't fought a good war since World War II."

Don't expect Uncle Sam to turn over a new leaf in Syria.

"We Like War"

"Do War's Really Defend America's Freedom?"

(Homage To Marine Commandant, Major General Smedley Butler)

"Why We Fight," Excellent Documentary With Ike's "Military-Industrial Complex" As Springboard

Scare The Sheep 
And They Will Applaud Military-Industrial Profiteering

Republican Lawmaker From Nevada Sends Christmas Card Featuring Fully Armed Family

The Mistaken Concept That Reducing Cultures To Rubble Results In Peace

Punishment Rarely Reforms But Instead Tends To Reinforce Wrongdoing

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