Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thr French Election And An Ever-Fresh Supply Of Fascist Nationalists

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I am pasting below an interesting datum about French candidate Emmanuel Macron who recently took a narrow (but statistically insignificant) lead over Marine Le Pen whose announcement earlier today that she will send all foreign terror suspects back to their countries of origin will have great appeal.

That said, it is my understanding that the French can legally incarcerate any suspect for 90 days. 

Although I do not know French politics, perhaps a "reasonable"  left-wing "parry" would be to suggest 90 day incarceration of all suspects accompanied by the warning that "this is their last chance"; that they will be closely followed upon release; and if they give off the slightest whiff of criminality, they're gone.

Back to Macron...

Personal life

Emmanuel Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux, who is 24 years older[77] than him and was his teacher in La Providence high school, Amiens.[78][79] The pair first met when he was a student in her class, aged 15, but were only officially a couple once he was 18.[80]
His parents initially attempted to split the couple by sending him away to Paris to finish the final year of his schooling, as they felt his youth made this relationship inappropriate,[8][80] but the couple stayed together after he graduated, and were married in 2007.
The couple live with Trogneux's three children from her previous marriage.[9]

Melenchon, the surging candidate on the far left, is .... go figure ... opposed to the European Union.

My sense is that if France leaves the European Union, the world will enter a period of unimaginable turmoil, with likely ascendancy of the same d___f___ populist forces that have ruined the Philippines; sorely degraded the United States; and will probably trash Britain - with Scotland leaving that great union in the next few years. 

About a year ago, an NPR historian noted that "the uneducated" have many more children than "the educated" and so there is a perpetual groundswell of "populist" energy trending toward ignorant "conservatism," if not stupefacted autocracy.

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