Sunday, April 23, 2017

The United States Of Barbaria

Lest we forget... 

"Birtherism" is how the sonofabitch launched his presidential campaign in the first place.

For those of you who rankle at use of the word sonofabitch, let it be known that this term is gross understatement.

If truth were told, whole paragraphs would be written in special characters: $%&^%$^%$%&;%$#&;#%(^&;*_)*&;*&;%$^#@$%@#@!@^#%$^@#!%$^@#%$^*&;%&;%&
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"Extremely credible source..."
"An extremely credible source" tells me that Melania worked in the United States illegally before securing her residence papers under false pretenses.

PBS: Melania Trump Worked In U.S. Without Visa; Took Jobs Away From Native Born Americans And Immigrants Who Got In Line  

If Trump Wins And Your Kids Google "First Lady," Here's What They'll Get

Alan: Here is a video clip of Trump pitching deplorables with his uniquely toxic blend of innuendo and falsehood --  and just a smidgin of plausibility -- which as it always turns  is nothing but Trump blowing it out his ass.

Trump Finally Admits It: "President Barack Obama Was Born In The United States"

The most insidious element of Trump's uncanny "charisma" is that he manages to "establish the terms of debate," blinding deplorables to the bedrock truth that it does not matter if Barack HUSSEIN Obama was born in Kenya.

Even if he were born in Africa, his presidential candidacy was as valid as the candidacy of Ted Cruz who was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. 

It is bewildering that this single episode of cognitive dissonance -- impugning Obama but applauding Cruz -- was not enough to make Trump a laughing stock.

The carte blanche accorded Trump by his supporters is a measure of American dimwittedness and the abiding desire of conservative Americans to hold black people in disrepute while remaining unruffled by white people in identical circumstances.


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