Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Interplay Between Democracy And Tryanny: Plato Weighs In

Image result for we choose democracy to avoid tyranny
Alan: On the other side of the coin, absolutists - particularly theocratic absolutists - choose tyranny to avoid democracy.

Democracy is a muddle... and muddle is self-limiting

Theocracy is a horror because God knows no limit and theocrats make themselves in the image of God. 

Christian theocracy must end in Armageddon because it's the self-fulfilling prophecy "at the end of the story."

Alan: It is useful to recall Plato's cyclical rotation of governmental forms.

Plato's "Republic": 
How Democracy Leads To Tyranny

The Same "Christians" Who Voted For Trump Because He Would "Shake Things Up" Would "Cheer Armageddon" For The Same Moronic Reason. | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

For me, the superiority of democracy is that it insures continutation of the muddle. 

The inferiority of abolutism is that its nature hurtles toward a "cosmic showdown" in which competing absolutisms eventually seek to annihilate "the other" and in the process annililate human life. 

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