Sunday, April 23, 2017

Smart, Thoughtful Gay Christian Conservative Could Be Trump's Ambassador To NATO

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Richard Grinell

The Gay, Conservative Christian Who Might Be Trump's NATO Ambassador

Richard Grenell’s struggles with his faith and identity inform his public work
Excerpt: "A class on the teachings of British writer C.S. Lewis transformed him. In Grenell’s assessment, Lewis taught that “if you want to live in God’s image, then you have to live a truthful existence.” That meant confronting his struggles. “My time at Evangel taught me that all truth is God’s truth no matter where it’s found, which resonated with me ironically because my truth was that I was born gay,” Grenell said. “I started to realize that if I wanted to be authentic about who I was and have a real relationship with the creator, I had to find a way to be honest.""

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