Thursday, April 6, 2017

China Has More Honor Students Than America Has Students. Time For Free World Federation

America First?
(Don't bet the farm.)

Alan: If the United States hopes to contend with the sheer demographic weight of China, it will be necessary to bind together with other polities.

Although it would probably be easier to create a hemispheric federation first, the best available model for federation would be the European Union whose merger into a "New World Federation" would alone provide a large enough population to counterbalance the overwhelming demographic advantage currently enjoyed by China.

American conservatives will resist -- tooth and nail -- any kind of deeply-intermingled federation. 

But barring a "Free World Federation," there is no way to prevent the United States from losing its traditionally pre-eminent position of economic and political power, a loss of primacy that could occur in as few as 30 years.

Once the planetary balance tilts, a fundamental rearrangement of global geo-politics will take place at the speed of light. 

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