Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Chest-Thumping Simian Ponders Nuclear Attack On North Korea. American Monkeys Applaud

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Alan: From time to time societies go crazy. 

This intermittent lunacy may manifest as Holland's 17th century tulip-mania or Germany's descent into the unmitigated xenophobic horror of "Make Aryans Great Again."

Tulip Mania In 17th Century Holland
The drive to periodic madness is like lovers moaningly close to mutual climax, giving no thought to anything other than "explosive" culmination. 

At bottom, the madness is indistinguishable from the seasonal compulsions of rutting animals.

How exquisitely appropriate that missiles are perfect representations of erect penises.

Trump's North Korea Questions

"Busy Giddy Minds With Foreign Wars": North Korea Is Trump's Perfect Target

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Conservative Christianity, Armageddon As Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, And Return To The Neolithic

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