Thursday, March 23, 2017

Trump's Ties To Russia: There's No Fire Yet... But The Smoke Is Getting Thicker.

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There is no fire - yet.

But the smoke is getting thicker.

1.) Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort had an annual contract for 10 million dollars with a Russian oligarch. (Near as I can make out, Manafort doesn't actually do anything for his millions. His Wikipedia page reads like a rap sheet.

2.) Manafort's Daughter's Hacked Texts: "Dad Has No Moral Compass." "That Money We Have Is Blood Money"

3.) House Intelligence Committee member, Rep. Adam Schiff says "there is more than circumstantial evidence now" concerning collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia.

4.) Sen. John McCain calls for independent investigation, saying Congress has no "credibility" to probe Trump-Russia ties.

5.) Pulitizer-Prize winning journalist -- and Donald Trump's first biographer -- David Cay Johnston itemizes Trump's ties to New York City's Mafia.

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