Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump Exploits Carryn Owens' Grief To Distract Attention From His Own Vility

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Alan: I am less offended by Trump's "grab them by the pussy" comment than by his reification of Carryn Owens whom he used as a psycho-emotional theater prop to divert attention from his own vility manifest earlier in the day. 

"The Pundits Are Wrong. Trump's Handling Of The Ryan Owens Affair Was Contemptibly Cynical"

Bill Maher, Michael Moore Blast Trump For "Using" Navy SEAL Widow As A "Prop"

Just hours before addressing Congress, Trump blamed "the generals," saying: "They lost Ryan."

In fact, Ryan's life was lost in a dimwitted raid authorized by Trump himself - a raid Devious Donald has attributed to Obama - a raid with no other purpose than providing support for the swashbuckling belligerence of Saudi Arabi, a medieval monarchy shot through with misogyny, a society whose ultra-conservative Wahhabi Islam served as the wellspring of al Qaeda which, in turn, is the taproot of all Islamist terror. 

"Saudi Support For Wahhabi Radicalism Is The Taproot Of Islamic Terror"

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Slain SEAL’s Dad Wants Answers: Trump, "Don’t Hide Behind My Son's Death"

Father Of U.S. Navy Seal Ryan Owens Who Was Killed In Yemen Raid Refuses To Meet Donald Trump
Although Trump said the mission had been approved by Obama, it was not. Rather, It was approved by Trump himself shortly after taking office.

Devious Donald's "State Of The Union Address": What Trump Left Out About The Yemen Raid That Killed Navy SEAL Ryan Owens 


How Trump Is Failing to Honor Fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens

The White House should stop taking credit for the raid as a success while passing the buck for its failures
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What's fashionista smiling about?

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