Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trump's "State Of The Union Address": Donald's "Good Cop" Joins His Well-Known "Bad Cop"

"Isn't the cop who gave you that burger and cigarette The Best Guy ever!?!"

Alan: After Trump's non-lunatic performance in his supposedly "presidential" "State Of The Union Address," the sheeple suddenly sing praises for this fundamentally retaliatory profiteer who prooves America's "exceptionalism" through ignorance, meanspiritedness and passion for oppression, repression and suppression.

Donald's new, non-lunatic guise - coupled with tough talk on immigrants and terrorists - will temporarily gloss his egregious shortcomings... until the  nation learns (in the upcoming Congress) 1.) that Obamacare will NOT be repealed but repaired, and 2.) although construction of The Wall will start with much fanfare, it will never be finished. 

Will Mexico pay for The Wall

It is more likely that drug cartels will start using rocket propelled grenades to blast holes in the barrier, first informing nearby poor people (who have considerable affection for the cartels) to prepare for a free ride to America. 

Is Trump ready for the repercussions of inspiring Mexico's "bad hombres" to undertake frank terrorist activity - a path they've never gone down before?  

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Trump Exploits Carryn Owens' Grief To Distract Attention From His Own Vility

"Despite Trump's "Presidential" Manner, At Bottom He Wants You To Be Abjectly Afraid," WAPO


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