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Sunni And Shia: What Are The Differences? (What Are Islam's Other Sects?)

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How Do Sunni and Shia Islam Differ? - The New York Times
Jan 3, 2016 - Ali was the prophet's cousin and son-in-law, not grandson. An article on Jan. 4 about the basic differences between Shia and Sunni Islam referred incorrectly to the Prophet Muhammad's succession. It is a matter of dispute; all Muslims do not agree that he died without appointing a successor.

Differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims - Business Insider

Oct 4, 2015 - The Sunni majority got their way, as Abu Bakr became the first Muslim caliph and successor of the prophet. ... One of the most crucial differences between Shia and Sunni Muslims is the importance that the Shiites give to Ali, whom the Sunni do not recognize as being the prophet's rightful successor.

The Major Difference Between the Shi'a and the Sunni | A Shi'ite ...

All the Muslims agree that Allah is One, Muhammad (S) is His last Prophet, the Qur'an is His last Book for mankind, and that one day. Allah will resurrect all ...

Sunnis and Shia: Islam's ancient schism - BBC News

Jan 4, 2016 - What are the differences between Sunnis and Shia?
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