Monday, March 6, 2017

My Contribution To Friend Fred's Facebook Conversation About Trump's Wiretap Tweet

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Fred Owens

The wiretapping story goes from Mark Levin to Breitbart to Trump to Twitter. Comey denies it. What will happen to Comey?
TLD Hmm... Longtime Clinton associate, but the election sort of soured that. Not a Trump friend. I think he's a bit short on friends, unless the Clintons still consider him useful. Maybe that's what he is working on.

Alan: Comey was a lifelong Republican until last year when he switched political affiliation to "Independent."

Before his "friendship" with the Clintons, Comey served as George W. Bush's Deputy Attorney General. In 2005, he endorsed a memorandum approving the use of 13 enhanced interrogation techniques, including waterboarding[19] and sleep deprivation for up to 180 hours.

As the guy who bucked the DoJ's directive not to re-open the investigation of Hillary's so-called "email scandal," Comey created an 11th hour storm-front for Hillary, an act that coincided precisely with Clinton's probability-of-election declining from 85% to 71%.

To say the least, it's a stretch to consider Comey a Clinton ally.

Tell me: if Comey is a friend of the Clintons, who on God's green earth is an enemy?

do "you" know ANYONE who still gives a flip about Hillary's emails?

I don't know anyone.

From the get-go, Hillary's "emails" were textbook trumpery confected by The Republican Noise Machine.

Anyone who considered those "lost emails" an important political issue was as gullible then as they are now about America's Liar In Chief.

Mark my words. In less than a decade, tens of millions of American "patriots" will swear they never voted for Deplorable Donald.

Soon they will begin damage control, doing what they can to keep their descendants from learning they supported a mad man who -- in collaboration with de facto president Steve Bannon -- aims to shred American democracy.

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