Thursday, March 23, 2017

Koch Brothers Offer 'Seven-Figure' Bribe To GOP'rs Who Defy TrumpCare

The Donald isn’t going to like this. The Koch brothers’ network have announced that they will financially protect Republicans opposed to the party’s new healthcare bill,…
John Tarantino Are you up to date on this issue?

Alan Archibald Unlike sham businessman Donald Trump and his mafioso henchmen, the Koch brothers realize that "The Pile Of Crap" currently masquerading as the Republican "healthcare bill" would not only break America's healthcare system but quite likely the body politic too. This would delight satan-spawn Steve Bannon, a man who is as consciously evil as Trump is unconsciously evil. Then there's Vlad who would be as ecstatic as a Christian mystic immersed in full-on beatific vision. And whatever you do, don't miss the underlying "axis of evil"... "good Catholic boy" Paul Ryan and his Russian idol, Ayn Rand:

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