Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Juan Williams Tells His Fox News Co-Hosts: "You Are Trying To Divert America's Attention From The News Of The Day And From The Reality Of What's Going On"

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Alan: Personally, I feel comforted when Muslims are on my flight. 

I have always found them to be remarkably peaceful, kind, affable, family-oriented people.

I like having them around.

They radiate in a way that gives me "a spiritual suntan." 

On the other hand, native-born white people - chattering about gun rights and Trump's "telling it like it is" and how "liberal handouts infantilize the American people - make me really nervous. 

Guys like Tim McVeigh, Ted Nugent, David Duke, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller.

These are the ruggedly individualist ideologues who frighten me with their eagerness to destroy community and to replace relationship with guns, electronic motes and psycho-spiritual trenches.

Circle the wagons, stand your ground, shoot on suspiciion and be quick to kill any darkie outside the tribal space.

Not for a second do I put nuclear war past these guys, knowing they would wage it eagerly and for the same flimsy logic that told us "Iraq will be a cakewalk" and is now whispering that "North Korea is a military pushover."

But my point is this.

Although Juan Williams is afraid of Muslims on planes, he has the good sense - and the courage - to tell his unhinged, shit-scared colleagues: "You are trying to divert America's attention from the news of the day and from the reality of what's going on."

Study Says White Extremists Have Killed More Americans in the U.S. Than Jihadists Since 9/11

"You are trying to divert America's attention from the news of the day and from the reality of what's going on."

Juan Williams sat and listened for quite a while to his co-hosts distract from the real news of the Comey hearings. He had had enough by the time Eric Bolling asked a silly leading question.
It was evident that Fox News Juan William was getting ready to implode as he watched his 'The Five' in an alternate state of reality. Too many times my Panamanian compatriot seemed to forget who journalists serve. He did not, today.
When Eric Boling asked Williams if he was shocked that FBI Director Comey was unable to answer whether the other seventeen campaigns were being investigated, yet replied that the Trump campaign was, he lost it as seen in this excerpted video.
"Are you kidding me?" Juan Williams responded in disbelief. "Really? What is going on here? .. What's going on at this table, Gregory, I know you like when I say this table. It really casts again, trying to distract people from the news of the day. The news of the day is that the FBI Director, Jim Comey, much hated by the Left for his involvement in finger-putting-on-the-scales of the 2016 campaign, came out and said today that the president is a liar. That's what the FBI Director of the United States said about the President of the United States today."
"You are talking about the tweet," Greg Gutfeld asked.
Williams said he was talking about the tweet where Tump lied and said he was wiretapped.
"That was the CIA, the FBI, the National Security Agency," Williams said. "We go on and on. Nobody is backing up Trump. Republicans are running from Trump.
Later in the back and forth Williams told Boling he was just looing for an excuse once again to justify Trump. He also admonished Republicans.
"How many people in the Trump circle do you have to have dealt with the Russians before you say, 'You know, I am a Republican. But I think something is wrong here.'
Eric Bolling started with the smoke and mirrors again asking why the FBI was not investigating Bill Clinton. Williams again lost it.
"Maybe it is off in the weeds with you," Williams exasperatedly replied. "Because you are lost on this story. You are trying to divert America's attention from the news of the day and from the reality if what's going on."
Trump is losing support throughout the nation. And now, several at Fox News as well are breaking away.

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