Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Frog Hospital's Fred Owens: "We Out-Souced Pregnancy And Child-Rearing To Mexico..."

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Alan: White Americans -- including white American Christians -- do not want to have children. 

And when they do, the maximum number is two. 

Diminished fecundity is a function of wealth coupled with the overwhelming influence of individualizing capitalism whose nature undermines community while focusing "consumer units" (no longer "citizens") on the acquisition of material baubles. 

When I lived in Nicaragua, my friend, Pilar, a single woman who taught at the Medical School with me, became "accidentally" pregnant. 

I assumed she would look on her unexpected pregnancy as adversity, if not calamity.

But when I asked Pilar how she felt about being pregnant, her immediate response was: 

"Ay, Alan! Los niños traen alegría a la casa." 

"Oh, Alan! Children bring happiness to the home."

By aspiring to "make America white again," we promote our own demographic demise. 

And with that demise, the rest of the culture will die.
Baby Boomers.

We are a generation distinguished by the fact that we exist -- going to the grave and still celebrated by our collective birth -- you can't brag on that.

Our bulge is in that human age which is naturally conservative -- old -- so the whole country is old right now.
We out-sourced pregnancy and child-rearing to Mexico and points south. Those young brown men and women are the babies we didn't want to bear, and the children we didn't want to raise, so we hired it out, and then they grew up and were mystically drawn to the US.

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