Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fado Music In Lisbon

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Fado Singer Ana Maura
I spend many happy hours listening to Fado music from Portugal. It's like flamenco music from Spain, but sweeter and gentler.
Como lo bueno nunca harta, con el permiso de "c1f1a", me tomé la licencia de editar su material y subir otra versión de esta hermosa canción de Amália. Letra...
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Fred Owens Fado means fate.
Fred Owens One immediately sees the connection with Um Kulthum in Egypt. Listen to her. You will be amazed.
Alan Archibald In 2015, my companions and I staid at a very convivial, comfortable hostal in Lisbon where every night the young staff coordinated free, guided activities. One evening, I was taken to a great fado bar on a "down and dirty" backstreet about a mile away. If you're in Andalucia, don't miss the flamenco! The cost of living in "the Moorish outback" is, I think, as inexpensive now as it was then. In our "home" pueblos (about an hour's drive from Granada) we enjoyed superb, copious meals -- complete with a big glass of tinto -- for six dollars.

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