Friday, March 24, 2017

Email Dialogue With Friend F After Trump/Ryan Pulled Abomicare From A House Vote

Dear F,

Thanks for your email.

I know that Gov. Jerry Brown in California is rumbling about a state-sponsored single payer system and I would love to see him follow through.

I don't think there's any going back on Obama's quest for universal care without severe repercussions.

If the free marketeers try to pull it off, I think it could become the shortest path to single payer. 

Before Obamacare the number of Americans without health insurance was rising and peaked near 20%. 

In January of this year, the percentage of uninsured Americans was down to 10.9%.

Since the percentage of uninsured Americans had been rising since 2008 until the definitive turnaround in late 2013, I think cancellation of Obamacare will cause the uninsured percentage to double quickly and since there will be ever less employer-provided insurance following the pre-Obamacare trendline) who knows where it will end.

In any event, if Obamacare is cancelled and the percentage of "insured Americans" suddenly spikes from 10% to 20% you've got the making of a "rebellion." The increase alone accounts for twice as many voters who provided Hillary her 4.56% plurality.

Remember. There's an epidemic of white people killing themselves - mostly out of despair.  

For some reason, self-centered, cheapskate, rip-off Donald became their "last hope"... or at least their last hope this side of "picking up a book" and "getting a life." (Consider the following blog post which has gotten more hits in the last 24 hours than any other.

Earlier today I heard an NPR pundit say that Abomicare failed in part because desperate, self-medicating white people know they need MORE government healthcare, not LESS, and they let their representatives know just that.

I would be interested to know how many needy rural white people contributed to Trump's victory. 

I'm guessing that demographic was huge but I don't know. Here's a Pew Research article indicating that "difficulty finding a job" was the biggest factor driving Trump's 62% voter demographic in "the outback."

If you don't have a job, there's no chance of employer healthcare, and in the absence of Medicaid expansion those folks were fucked. If I read the maps correctly, Wisconsin did not expand Medicaid and Michigan didn't expand until April, 2014.



On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 8:37 PM, FV wrote:

Dear A

Moore is spelling out the scenario that Price and the Insurance Co.are going to make sure Obamacare explodes just out of spite. Price has a lot of latitude to change regulations on Companies. Dem.s better not take a victory lap and be on guard instead.

The other thing he called for was to have Ca.and N.Y. establish their own single payer Healthcare and show other states how it's done and what it can do.

Waking for Bernie.

On Mar 24, 2017 8:26 PM, "Alan Archibald" <> wrote:
Dear F.

Thanks for your observations.

I think Trump has cried wolf "once" to often and that double-down-deep-denial bullshit like blaming Democrats for the failure of Abomicare is not going to float any more - except among the 20% to 30% who are so crazed that they are forever lost to reason, discourse and burden of proof.

Admittedly, it is harder to see Dickhead caving on The Wall now that he's caved on his other campaign linchpin.

But now that Trump has been defeated by his own party, who knows what might happen by way of Republican defection coupled with unexpected cross-aisle alliances.

Plus, Trump REALLY wants infrastructure restoration, partly because it will boost employment which will make him look good.

But there may be even more Republicans in congress who will oppose what they see as a budget-busting government "jobs program," legislators who will oppose him even more vehemently than they did on Abomicare especially now that they are "feeling their oats."

To secure legislation for infrastructure repair, Deplorable will need Democratic votes and Dems are in The Perfect Position to work a quid-pro-quo with infrastructure expenditure on one side of the deal and "cancellation of The Wall expenditure" on the other.



On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 5:36 PM, FV wrote:
Dear A

Now they hoping for Obamacare collapse so I don't see Rep. working to repair it.

him is blaming the Dem.s for the defeat.
It will make tax reform harder and that's a good thing. 
I don't know how much him will want to do any negotiating if it makes him fail again. It's hard to see The Wall on the line no matter what. 
Even as of yesterday they were praising him as the closer and great negotiator who will get this done. I guess they hope they're  sucking up will keep them in him's good graces. I'm sure the opposers will be remembered. 
They pulled pac money and closed home offices of one Representative yesterday (I forgot his name)and said you're on your own in 2018. Seems like biting off their nose but that's o.k. Apparrently the Koch's said they will fund anyone who has funds removed by him.

I don't know what bipartisan issue is going rise and work. I know it's imperative to widdle away at the number of Congressional Republicans in both Houses.



On Mar 24, 2017 5:11 PM, "Alan Archibald" <> wrote:
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Dear F,

Thanks for your email.

The people saw through Trump on Abomicare.

They might see through him on tax reform too. He might have to actively enlist Democratic support so that the rich bear the brunt and he doesn't get bum-fucked by his own party again.

The Wall? I don't know. The deeper we get into Devious Donald's swamp, the more folks are actually looking at "things." Do they really want a Wall when that $25 billion could be spent on something that works?

Might even be room for some horse-trading.

The Dems could say: "We'll give limited support for military build-up if you formally renounce The Wall. 


The Despicalbe One doesn't get Obamacare repeal.

And he doesn't get his Wall.



On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 4:23 PM, FV wrote:
Dear A

Despicable Ryan singing the praises of him and lying just as easily as him.

Now on to tax reform, military build up, securing border.

Dem.s have to push reforming Obamacare but it means getting more of them in office. Can people wait that Long?

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