Sunday, March 19, 2017

Definitive Proof That Fox News Is Not News

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Definitive Proof That Fox News Is Not News
"People Who Watch Only Fox News 
Know Less Than People Who Watch No News"

Fox News: "We're Blonde So You Don't Have To Be." (You Only Need To Be White)

Alan: We humans - and all our institutions - are fallible.

However, some humans - and some institutions - are measurably less fallible than others.

To seize on imperfections in a news organizations like NPR (when NPR is provably more trustworthy than Fox News) and then to use NPR's imperfections as reason to value "worse reporting" as more trustworthy than "better reporting" is absurd.

Note well. "Exceptions-to-Rules" do not serve as foundation for the creation of "New Rules."

Statistical validity means a great deal -- whereas statistically-invalid anecdotes and "exceptions to rules," no matter how tear-jerkingly they play on our heart strings -- mean little.


EVERY surgical procedure -- and EVERY "miracle drug" -- depend on statistical probability, NOT statistical certainty.

The Scientific Method underlies ALL modern technology. And, notably, The Scientific Method itself depends on probability, not certainty.

In The Modern Era, Responsible Citizenship Requires That People Understand Statistics Well Enough To Know That Anecdotes And "Exceptions-To-Rules" Have No Scientifically Valid Meaning

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