Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Brits Are Denouncing Donald Trump Jr.'s Attack On Londons Mayor

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This Is Why The Conservative Promise To End Terrorism Is A Brazen Lie

Alan: Conservatives cannot tolerate the fact that the world is imbued with perpetual imperfection and to remedy intrinsic imperfection they are always certain that another dose of oppression/repression enforced by violence is necessary. 

But it is not seldom needed for the stated purpose of "perfecting the world" -- or at least "putting up a good fight against imperfection."

It is in fact needed to placate the savage impulses of their own psyches which must be turned outward before they turn on one another or, in some way, on themselves.

Conservatives pretend that violence accomplishes great good in the world.

But, in comparison to their pretense, we know -- as a matter of incontrovertible fact -- that conservatives won't lift a finger to prevent everyday atrocities even worse than the cumulative terror visited upon the United States.

Britons are denouncing Donald Trump Jr.’s attack on London’s mayor

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