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Bernal Heights' Coyote And The Relationship Of English Words To Their Aztec/Nahuatl Originals

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Great pictures of Coyotl.

An interesting note...

Many Spanish words that "sound" Native American which have a terminal "ote" are transliterated Aztec (or Nahua) words with the original terminal sound "tl" changed to "ote" for ease of Spanish language pronunciation. 

Subsequent transformation into English may take slightly different form.

Such Nahuatl root words include:





Chocolatl (Bitter Water)

Xicamatl (Since the Nahua "X" is pronounced like a hard English "H," this Aztec word becomes Jicama)

Aguacatl > Aguacate > Avocado. (The original Aztec word meansd "testicle.")

Other etymological-phonetic relationships between Nahuatl and English are discussed at "Words From Nahuatl":



PS How did things end up with the "raccoon?" From Powhatan <arahkun>/<aroughcun>,[55] tentatively reconstituted as */aːreːhkan/.[56]

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New post on Bernalwood

The Bernal Coyote Is Alive and Well and Enjoying Dry Weather

by Todd_Lappin
The rains have subsided, and the Bernal Coyote seems excited about that. In the last few days, Bernalwood readers have shared many photos of the Bernal Coyote out and about on Bernal Hill, taking in the sights, wandering through the grass, and generally being rather photogenic.
The photos up above were captured  by Neighbor Chris, as the Bernal Coyote strolled through her urban oasis.
Neighbor Sig snapped this photo yesterday as well:
Neighbor Dena has turned her attention from rainbows to wildlife, and along the way she took this picture of the Bernal Coyote in what could have been a pose for an LL Bean mail-order catalog:
— Dena Dubal (@DenaDubal) March 8, 2017
And finally, Neighbor Hope spotted the Bernal Coyote savoring the sun in the community garden just below Bernal Hill:
So amazing! Just remember: As much as we love the Bernal Coyote, it's up to us to help keep her safe. Do not love her too much. Respect her space, and DO NOT FEED HER. For more expert advice on how to co-exist with the Bernal Coyote, please read this.
Todd_Lappin | March 10, 2017 at 09:16 | Categories: Bernal HillNature and Wildlife | URL:
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