Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump To CEOs: Stay Here And I'll Wipe Out 75% Of Regulations, Fast-Track Factories

Image result for trump to keep factories in usUnder Obama, the number of U.S. manufacturing jobs has gone up 8%.

Alan: It has been said that the EU would retaliate over the elimination of regulations that would degrade the environment.

One way retaliation could manifest is with a global suit charging "unfair trade practice."

Needless to say we'll have to see where Trump's carrot-cum-stick policy leads.

W=But while waiting, I would venture that "the stick" would provoke some kind of "trade war" and the carrot will not be as appealing as lower wages overseas.

In any event, if American jobs do "come home" -- and workers are also well-paid -- what happens to "the goods" made in U.S. factories now that they can be made much less expensively overseas by foreign competition and sold even more readily due to the "high dollar?"

I also see a battle royale taking place in which most Republicans will stick to their "free trade" guns.

It is easy to extrude "pastiches of the future" which look REALLY GOOD. 

It is another thing to actually realize what looks so good on the other side of rose-colored glasses. 

At bottom, the world economy is re-calibrating after a full century in which The United States had cornered every market and dictated every economic policy.

Those days are over. 

And there is no going back.

Trump to CEOs: Stay here, and I’ll wipe out 75 percent of regulations, fast-track factories

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