Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Current Political Catastrophe And The Way Forward

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Dear L,

I've told a few people that I think I'm sub-clinically depressed by the monstrosity taking place.

That said, it is hopeful that Trump's approval rating is only 41% (on average) and that a president's popularity plummets during her first two years in office; partly because the first year is when presidents must implement all their difficult and/or unpopular decisions. Then, the psychological down-slope of Year 1 has enough momentum to continue downhill during year two.

Sitting presidents hope that by Year 4, the unpopularity of the decisions they made during Year 1 will have been fully digested and evacuated.

This is why off-term elections always see such big congressional gains going to the party that is out of power.

Not only does Trump have very little "political capital" going into his administration, he will enjoy no honeymoon - at least not with the American people like those "pussies who grabbed back" earlier today.

Plus, whatever honeymoon he might have with his "fellow" Republicans (at least the "old guard") will be over by the time Deplorable Donald has had a year or two to fuck up. 

 Of course, one never knows...

But if we can keep Ruth Bader Ginsburg "on life support" until three years from now -- scumbag Republicans themselves made the case that "you" can't replace a Supreme Court Justice during a president's final year in office -- then the Dems might win the whole shebang in 2020 - including a Supreme Court majority.

Between now and then -- and 2018 will be "the test drive" -- we must persuade indolent Democrats to get off their asses and VOTE. 

This is not an easy task since even Obama's personal appeals fell on many deaf ears in the black community.

The Non-Voters Who Decided The Election: Trump Won Because Of Lower Democratic Turnout

For decades, I have told political lazy bones that we have no right to expect much from politics.

However, what is burningly important is to prevent the election of crazy people.

Everything else is gravy. Forget about it. 

Progress just doesn't matter than much, mostly because the give-and-take of democratic politics insures that "progress" is almost always incremental, with X steps backward for Y steps forward.

We musn't let wishful thinking seduce our psyches into dependence on Big Change.

All that is needful is to keep the crazies out.

Focus on quarantining the loons.



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On Sat, Jan 21, 2017 at 12:31 PM, LS wrote:

Dear Alan,

I was walking around today wondering why I felt such heaviness. I realized what I felt was grief, profound grief, as though someone very dear to me had died. I am generally a very optimistic person. Today I feel as though we are witness to a dramatic change in direction for this country and it grieves me. All the more reason for those of us who have been complacent in our governance to now step up and be the change we seek. 

Love you my friend,


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On Jan 20, 2017, at 2:12 PM, Alan Archibald <> wrote:

Dear Jim,

Thanks for your live feed.

Somewhere in a mouldering Louisiana grave, Huey Long is smiling - partly at the plutopath's populism but mostly at his brazen trumpery.

"On Being An American," H.L. Mencken Reviews Donald Trump's Inauguration

Borowitz Report: More Than Three Hundred Million Americans Now Enrolled In Trump University



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