Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rubio, Cruz And Heller Introduce Bill To Cut Embassy Security. (Remember Benghazi?)

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GOP Bill Would Slash Diplomatic Security Funds

"Obama's Benghazi And Reagan's Beirut"

Alan: Facts mean nothing to people overrun by feeling.

It's not that they choose to lie but that they must lie -- reflexively -- in order to be true to their ideology, without which they would be nothing.

Being true to Truth is The Last Thing on their minds.

Trump Tells More Lies Than Any U.S. Politician. Why Do "Patriots" And "Christians" Believe A Liar

Pulitzer Prize-Winning PolitiFact Finds That Only 1% Of The Things Trump Says Are Entirely True

Compendium Of Pax Posts Re: Trump's Non-Stop Ability To Tell One Lie After Another

Watch: CNN Spent Ten Straight Minutes Tearing Down Trump's Lies

Keith Olbermann's 176 Reasons Trump Shouldn't Be President
(Yes, It's All Here And Worth Hearing In One Relentless Torrent)

Who Lies Most? A Pants-On-Fire Comparison Of America's 20 Best Known Politicians
People Want To Be Lied To: The Convergent Horror Of Faithful Falsehood And Aggressive Ignorance

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