Thursday, January 12, 2017

NPR: Bipartisan Legal Panel Explains Trump's Illegal And Unconstitutional Business Interests

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Former White House Ethics Lawyers Parse Trump's News Conference

Will Trump Avoid A Constitutional Crisis?
The Emoluments Clause has never been tested in the courts, but most scholars seem to agree that if Trump doesn’t take the prophylactic approach to his conflicts, impeachment may be the only other remedy.

Princeton Researches Conclude That U.S. Is No Longer A Democracy

North Carolina Is No Longer A Democracy, Report Says
The Analysis Likens The Tar Heel State To Countries Like Iran, Cuba and Venezuela

Alan: Trump's team argues that he should not be obliged to sell off his business interests because he would lose considerable value tied up in "the Trump brand." 

However, Ethical Standards, The Law and The Constitution are all clear: Trump ran for the presidency (presumably) knowing that his decision to run implied his willingness to suffer personal loss in order to conform to the legalities that protect the integrity of The Oval Office. (It is a real question whether Trump will have read The Constitution before inauguration...)

It may come as "news" to Donald but public service entails personal sacrifice. Presidential hoopla is not all strutting-the-stage, striking populist poses and bragging about the size of his penis.

That said, there is little doubt that "The System" will exempt Trump from his clear-cut legal obligations, obligations he implicitly chose to shoulder when he declared his candidacy. Letting Trump "slide" constitutes another nail in the closing coffin lid on American Democracy and Rule of Law.

The following NPR discussion by legal and ethics experts (who served in previous Republican and Democratic presidencies) is eye-opening.

However, it must be said -- as a leit-motif-critique of Trump's cocksure arrogance and determination to trash ethics, law, tradition and The Constitution itself -- that Trump's followers are not now, nor have they ever been, willing to open their eyes. 

On November 8th, all-white s-Trump-ets flocked to an autocrat who promised rectification of socio-political calamities arising from their own civic irresponsibility. 

Aggressive Ignorance Is An All-American Pastime | Conservatives Are Angry At What Happened After They Behaved Irresponsibly. True To Form, They Elected Donald Trump | image tagged in politics,trump,morans,morons,ignorance,stupidity | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Now that they have surrendered democratic responsibility to the "miraculous machinations" of a moral-monster-masquerading-as-savior, they will "triple down" on their boastful ignorance (having already exhausted the recourse of "doubling down").

We are not dealing with anything like "politics-as-usual." 

We are dealing with Bad Religion, rooted in the "blood red" Bible Belt from which the poison spread.

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