Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hillary's Speech On The Economy, A Bookend To Her Recent Speech On Foreign Affairs

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Intrepid Hillary: Not Afraid Of The Man Behind The Curtain

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Hillary Clinton Delivers Economic Speech in Ohio

Alan: The "good stuff" starts at the 13 minute mark.

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech on the economy in Columbus, Ohio during which she spoke about her economic policies saying that the economy “isn’t yet where we want it to be, but we are stronger and better positioned than anyone in the world.” She spoke about her plans to create new jobs and go after dangerous Wall Street practices. The main focus of her speech, however, was Republican Donald Trump and the danger of a Trump presidency for the economy. She attacked Trump for his divisive rhetoric, and she focused on his economic policies and business background. She pointed to several poor business decisions and failures as evidence that Trump’s poor judgement. She also spoke about how economists predict a recession if Trumps economic proposals are enacted. She wrapped up by saying that we are stronger together saying that Trump “believes in the worst of us.” A full video of Clinton speech is below.
The Clinton campaign also released a new website targeting Trump and his business history. The site is laid out like a magazine and is called “Art of the Steal.” The site,, is available now and features a number of articles outlining how Trump’s policies would destroy the economy. A number of Trumps failed business ventures are outlined to illustrate his questionable judgement and his self-professed business skills. Feel free to visit the site at the link above, and Sign Up for updates.
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