Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why Trump Might Drop Out Of The Race

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Dear F,

Pray that Donald stays in the race.

Pray that his gargantuan ego continues to feast on presumed ownership of galaxies and parallel universes.

Paul Ryan, a far more formidable candidate, is waiting in the wings.

Imagine the stability and strength of a Ryan-Romney ticket.

Will Donald Trump Quit?

As much as Donald loves the limelight -- and as much as he loathes loss -- s-Trump-et does not want the tedium of The Oval Office.

Even if Barbaria's Bilious Billionaire delegated the work (while spending his time golfing in Scotland) his "numbers" would still drop. 

And in the 2020 election, he would lose. 

Donald does NOT want to be remembered as a loser.

If you haven't watched the following documentary, you "must."

"You've Been Trumped": A Documentary About Trump's Imperious Takeover Of Scotland
(How Donald Works His Will By Denigrating "Commoners")

A word to the wise: Your living room easy chair will need a seat belt for the Cleveland Convention.


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