Saturday, April 30, 2016

Keyboardist Cory Henry (A "Snarky Puppy" Regular) Will Put A Smile On Your Face


Snarky Puppy

Alan: I hope Cory is playing with Snarky Puppy tomorrow when I see them perform at the North Carolina Museum of Art

Whether as listeners or active participants, Cory confirms my belief (first communicated by friend Chuck) that Life is essentially music and brings with it the whole spectrum of melody, song, harmonization and collaboration that music evokes and conveys.

Before every concert, friend Steve's former bandleader used to say: "We are here to serve The Music."

Where service prevails -- as mythically conjured in "The Music of The Spheres" -- there can be no discord. (At least no lasting discord.)

The Music of The Spheres 
Musica Universalis

In the end there is music or noise.

Chord or discord.

Be unabashed in advocating the superiority of music-melody-harmony over the persistent chaos of dimwitted "realists" ever spoiling for a fight.  

These impoverished souls never "got the call," never heard "the overture," never embarked "the opus." 

Never got a real life.

And absent a real life, they try to fill the void with fabricated drama and in the process only make things worse.

Cory With His Other Band, "The Funk Apostles"

Cory Jamming With Marco Parisi And Larnell Lewis

"How Music Helps Us Grieve"

Chord, Discord

The Age-Old Normalization Of Warfare Through Stupidity, Ego And Religion

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