Friday, April 22, 2016

Help Elect The Next Elizabeth Warren

Donna Edwards

Alan --

Time is running out before Tuesday's primary, so I'll cut right to the chase:

Can you join us on our DFA Dialer to call voters in Maryland to help elect progressive champion Donna Edwards so she can stand with Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate and take on the Wall Street banks?

The Maryland Democratic Senate primary is on Tuesday, and it will help decide whether we move the Democratic Party toward Elizabeth Warren's agenda -- or whether the corporate lobbyists win again.
DFA-endorsed candidate Donna Edwards has been running an incredibly strong, people-powered campaign centered on progressive principles:
  • Unlike her opponent, Donna Edwards has always been against cutting Social Security and Medicare.She wants to expand both.
  • Unlike her opponent, Donna Edwards won't take money from Wall Street banks.
  • Donna Edwards took on the NRA and their lobbyists when her opponent cut a sweetheart deal for them.
  • And Donna Edwards proposed a constitutional amendment to repeal Citizens United and fix our broken campaign finance system.
But recently, her well-funded opponent started spending big on a barrage of false attack ads. We can't sit back and let a flood of money beat a progressiveDonna may be getting outspent in this race, but there's one thing money can't buy: The kind of volunteer army it takes to Get Out The Vote and win a close race like this one.

Election Day is this coming TUESDAY, April 26 -- this is the last chance to GOTV for Donna. Can you call voters for Donna Edwards this weekend and help Maryland put a progressive champion in the Senate?
No, I can't make calls, but I will chip in $3 now to help Donna and DFA Get Out The Vote in Maryland.

Thanks for having Donna's back during the home stretch. We need her voice in the Senate.

- Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

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