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"The Thinking Housewife" And The Vilification Of Pope Francis By Catholic Traditionalists

Contemporary illustration of the auto-da-fé of Valladolid
in which fourteen Protestants were burned at the stake for their faith, on May 21, 1559

The Spanish Inquisition

16th century Dutch Anabaptist, Anneken Hendricks, burned at the stake on a charge of heresy.

Dear Fred,

The following post by The Thinking Housewife -- and the embedded link "desperately attempts" -- reveal Laura's urge to usurp St. Peter's Throne for purposes of totalitarian pontification.

This usurpation is not exactly self-apotheosis but -- next "best" thing -- it seizes the role of Christendom's most highly regarded vicar.

Laura mantles herself with the presumption that she knows God's will as it relates to the truth in Catholicism and defends her position in lawyerly ways that depend on man-made traditions which Yeshua himself discarded as contrary to God's Truth.

Jesus Rails Against Human Traditions Of "Our Great Leaders Who Lived Long Ago"

Pope Francis: What Christianity Looks Like When Believers Realize "God Is Love"

Here is the knotty nub.

If the Holy Spirit has failed to guide the outcomes of every papal conclave since 1958 (as Laura and other sedevacantists believe), then pontiffs like proto-Nazi Pope Paul IV (who occupies a lofty position in Laura's pantheon) may not have been guided by the Holy Spirit either.

You cannot have one without the other. 

The Holy Spirit guides the church in these matters, or the Holy Spirit doesn't. 

In the end, Laura is impaled on the horns of her own dilemma and, in my view, is constructing a bizarre ecclesiastical history that will alienate her own descendants from Christianity.

Pope Paul IV, 1476 - 1559. Proto-Nazi?

The Chief Difference Between ISIS And The Inquisition

ISIS And The Inquisition: The Shadow Side Of Religion. Why Does Belief Do This?

"What ISIS Really Wants" And How The Patriarch Abraham Appears To Be The Instigator

Pax on both houses,


Thomas Jefferson On The Persistent Inclination To Vilify Virtue

A Convert Tries to Convert the “Pope”

Thursday, February 12, 2015
A CONVERT to Catholicism desperately attempts to persuade “Pope” Francis to become a Catholic. Weird, eh? Dr. Maike Hickson writes in a letter posted at Rorate Caeli:
I came out of a world that is now more and more subverting and invading, if not permeating, the life of the Catholic Church and a world to which you now seem to bow down and to pander. I grew up without any faith, from a broken family, in a cohabiting, aborting, divorcing and selfish world. I did not even know fully the Ten Commandments. I certainly did not live them. Nor did I have an intact family to give me a strong identity, a safe haven, or moral guidance. This way of life led me into many an impasse and even into depression. It was when I met my future husband that the light of Christ seemed first to enter my heart, slowly but steadily.
If Jorge Bergoglio officially approves divorce in the next installment of the Synod on the Family, Dr. Hickson will be required to approve it too. No Catholic can resist the pope’s official teachings.
Or Dr. Hickson will come to the inescapable conclusion that a non-Catholic such as Mr. Bergoglio cannot be a pope and that he is in fact an anti-pope whom Catholics must shun and reject.

  1. Sedevacantism is the position, held by a minority of traditionalist Catholics, that the present occupant of the papal see is not truly pope and that, for lack of a valid pope, the see has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958.
  2. Sedevacantism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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