Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Man-Made Global Warming Is The Biggest Hoax In The History Of Mankind

Alan: I am smart enough to realize that stupidity is boundless. 

Even so, the following article dropped my jaw.

It was not stupidity per se that wobbled my knees. 

It was the buoyant triumphalism and missionary spirit with which Woody (the author) paraded dimwittedness as a virtue, coupled with his presumption that researchers who have spent decades honing their skills for the sake of science are but devious buffoons "on the make."

Woody "proves" that anthropogenic Global Warming is a hoax with the same imbecilic logic that Zeno brought to bear when "proving" that "no projectile ever hits its target" for first it traverses half the distance to the target, then half the remaining distance, and again half the remaining distance, and again and again and again... so that the infinite sub-divisibility of space "proves" "Zeno's Paradox" despite all evidence to the contrary.

How can one argue with such genius?

June 30, 2009

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