Monday, September 29, 2014

Bush's Calamitous "Appointment" Of Al-Maliki Detailed In Frontline's "Losing Iraq"

We got here because....
"God Told Me To End The Tyranny In Iraq," George W. Bush


Frontline: "Losing Iraq"


Alan: Recently, when 3000-5000 ISIS operatives invaded Iraq, 50,000 Iraqi soldiers dropped their arms, shed their uniforms and fled Mosul. President Nouri al Maliki, a ridiculously unprepared Department of Education bureaucrat - elevated to primacy by George W. Bush (who "took a shine" to the man) - was responsible for relentless oppression of Iraq's Sunni minority. In turn, Mosul Sunnis became so alienated by Iraq's dominant (and domineering) Shiite majority that when ISIS fighters suddenly appeared in-and-around Mosul, Iraq's Shiite army had no choice but to flee before Sunnis rose up to slaughter them all.


Exceptional America

Infallible Leaders Annointed By God


Here's an "infallible" decision:

Nouri al Maliki

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