Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Frontline's "Losing Iraq" The Bush-Cheney Gift That Keeps On Giving And Keeps On Killing

"Bush's Toxic Legacy In Iraq"

Hans Blix' Fruitless Search For WMD And Bush/Cheney's Rush To War In Iraq

Cheney's Lucid 1994 Rationale For NOT Invading Iraq. Conservatives "Must" See This

"The Fall Of Iraq. Jawdropping Video Footage Of Cheney, Albright, Gen Clarke & Others"

Losing Iraq

COMING JULY 29, 2014Video:

FRONTLINE examines the unfolding chaos in Iraq: What went wrong? How did we get here? And what happens now?

In a special developing report, FRONTLINE examines the unfolding chaos in Iraq and how the U.S. is being pulled back into the conflict. Drawing on interviews with policymakers and military leaders, the investigative team behind The Lost Year in IraqThe Torture QuestionEndgame and Bush’s War traces the U.S. role from the 2003 invasion to the current violence — exploring how Iraq itself is coming undone, how we got here, what went wrong and what happens next.
Cheney And Bush Wanted Poster

"Politics and Economics: The 101 Courses You Wish You Had"

Iraq: How Did We Get Here?

From “shock and awe” to ISIS, FRONTLINE explores the key turning points in the war and its aftermath.

Dispatch: Return to Baghdad

FRONTLINE producer Martin Smith, who made four films on Iraq, has just arrived in Baghdad after a long absence. He’s currently producing a film on the unfolding crisis in the country.

FRONTLINE Announces July 29 Special on the Chaos in Iraq

A special, in-depth report: What went wrong? How did we get here? And what happens now?

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