Thursday, July 31, 2014

Future Generations Will Despise Ronald Reagan. Here's Why

  • Ronald Reagan's core message that "government is the problem" unleashed the obstructionism, dysfunction, incivility and decline that characterize contemporary "conservatism." No American president has so corroded America's collaborative purpose. Almost singlehandedly, Ronald Reagan seeded the demise of America's Social Contract and with it the principles of Common Good and General Welfare

    Future generations will despise this man. 

    "How Ronald Reagan Infantilized America"

    "Future Generations Will Despise Ronald Reagan. Here's Why"

    "Reagan Administration Shot Down Commercial Airliner, Then Created Massive Cover-Up"

    "Ronald Reagan's Shameless Legacy: Violence, The Homeless, Mental Illness"

    The Iran-Contra Affair

    "Pax On Both Houses: A Compendium Of Ronald Reagan Posts"

    The above quotations are verbatim.

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