Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Shut In" From Tim Showalter's Album, "Heal"

Dear Dan,

Delving deeper into "Ten Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing," I'm struck by Tim Showalter's "Shut In." 

Whereas "Brother, Do You Know The Road" can result in Repetitive Intensity Overdose, "Shut In" flies from the gate and keeps flying right through the end. 

For more info on Showalter's album "Heal" check out:

Here's Showalter's SoundCloud page.

Pax tecum



Dan's Reply:

Hey Alan,

I meant to thank you for introducing me to NPR's Ten Songs series. I was not familiar with this series, and it is a real treasure-trove! I got lost in the archives last night exploring other Ten Songs, as well as the one you shared. There are, as you say, many songs that "fly from the gates"!

I have been a casual fan of Strand of Oaks, but now I will give Showalter even more attention. He deserves it!

In the spirit of reciprocity, here are a couple of Spotify links for Playlists that I think you will enjoy:

The former is a great album by Durham native Nnenna Freelon, the latter is an eclectic playlist that I stumbled across by accident, but one in which Strand of Oaks would be quite at home.

Finally, here is a kick-ass death metal version of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata that will knock your socks off. I think it's amazing!

Hope you are enjoying having Maria home again. I'm getting ready to send Anna off in 3 weeks.    :'-(



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