Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tea Party Coherence. (You Know... What Occupy Wall Street Lacked)

The Message Is ... (Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street)

The "long form" of Tea Party coherence reads like this: "Anti-Christ Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim socialist, anti-American, job-killing  quisling, whose goal is to surrender the United States to a One World Government headed by Arab sheikhs." 

American conservatives were also bamboozled into thinking the invasion of Iraq was a good idea, that four American dead in Benghazi is "The Scandal of The Millennium" and that the most important civic projects are political obstructionism and voter suppression. 

"GOP Voter Suppression and Conservative Contempt for Democracy"

"American Conservatives And Oppositional Defiant Disorder"


If there is a functioning synapse on "the right side of the aisle," it has gone into deep hiding.

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