Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Introduction Of Bias In Gaza News Coverage

Alan: Earlier today, "On The Media" examined "politically correct terminology" as it relates to mainstream press coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One "panelist" bemoaned the tendency on both sides to want to define "the beginning" of the conflict, going as far back as necessary to "make a convincing case." The panelist concluded: "I sometimes think every article on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be prefaced with the phrase: "In the beginning, Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ismael..." This apparent "throwaway line" cuts to the quick of this age-old conflict: Abraham was grossly unfair to Ismael while showing disproportionate favoritism to Isaac, whom -- despite being Abraham's second son -- was deemed more worthy than Ismael because he had "the right blood line" on his mother's side. 

"Puritanical" absolutism is at the heart of most human tragedies.

"The best, imposed as the norm, become evil."


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