Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Negative Impressions Of Obamacare Launch Are Fading

Obamacare is en route to success.
The big question now is whether success will become apparent by November, 2014.
If it does, the GOP is in serious trouble.


Obamacare: "Where's The Train Wreck?"


Negative impressions of Obamacare's launch are fading, poll finds. "Sixty-six percent of people said the healthcare markets still aren't going well, according to an Associated Press-GFK poll released Monday. That's 10 percentage points down, however, from the 76 percent who said the same in December. More people, 40 percent, now report they've had success signing up for insurance, compared to only 24 percent who said they had success last month." Rebecca Shabad in The Hill.

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