Friday, January 31, 2014

Americans Don't Know What's In Obamacare But "Know" They Don't Like It

Americans don't know what's in Obamacare, do know they don't like it. "Fifty percent of Americans now say they oppose the Affordable Care Act. This is the highest number that Kaiser's poll has seen since October 2011, when Republicans were in the midst of a primary cycle and lots of anti-Obamacare rhetoric was in the air. The easiest explanation for the recent upswing in negative sentiment would be that lots of Americans tried, but failed, to buy insurance through They ran into technical barriers that plagued the site in October and November. But Kaiser's data don't really bear out that thesis. There's actually only been a tiny uptick in the number of Americans who say the health-care law has affected their lives over the past three months. A full 59 percent of Americans still report no personal experience with the law." Sarah Kliff in The Washington Post.

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