Saturday, August 11, 2018

"19 Miles From Davis," Nash Street Tavern Concert, Hillsborough, NC, August 10, 2018

"Street Fighting Man"

"Ballad Of John And Yoko"

"Heart As Dark As Night"

"Wicked Game," "Cripple Creek," "Fire," "Feel A Whole Lot Better"
("Wicked Game" and "Fire" are well done, and "Feel A Whole Lot Better" is respectable. However, "Cripple Creek" went awry when Alger mistakenly thought I was going to sing the second verse and not the third which is the only one I've memorized. We "cover" our three inter-related blunders well enough, but "Cripple Creek" is usually a song excel on.)

"If I Didn't Know Better"

Alan: Sadly, we played dynamite rendions of two consecutive songs -- Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason To Stay Here" and Al Green's "Take Me To The River" -- which, in tandem, comprised too big an audio file to upload on BandCamp.

Next March, "19 Miles From Davis" tours Oaxaca, Mexico, for 2 weeks. 
If you would like to visit this remarkable place -- and maybe attend a "19" concert -- check out the following webpage.

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