Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tracks From "19's" June 1st Concert At "Rock's Bar And Hair Shop," Greensboro, North Carolina

Rock's Bar And Hair Shop
Greensboro, North Carolina

Alan: Although the band LOVED the sound quality of Friday night's performance at Rock's Bar, my Tascam recordings turned out way too echo-y -- at least for my taste. 

If you are a newcomer to "19 Miles From Davis," please check out the sound quality of earlier performances linked at the bottom of this email.

A final note...

Mark Roshelli, who customarily alternates lead and rhythm guitar with Alger Salt did an extraordinary job in Alger's absence.  


"Blues Jam Intro"


"Come Together"

"Give Me One Reason To Stay"

"Key To The Highway"

"Wicked Game"

"Ballad Of John And Yoko"


"The Weight"

"Susie Q"

"These Bones, These Bones"

"Street Fighting Man"

"House Of The Rising Sun"

"Can't Find My Way Home"

"If I Didn't Know Better"

"Spit Of Love"

"Like A Rolling Stone"


"Prelimary Jam, Greensboro Rocks"

Earlier Performances By "19 Miles From Davis"

"19 Miles From Davis," New Music... And Old

"19 Miles From Davis," Music

"19 Miles From Davis" Compilation (With Retiro "Pajaros De Nieve" Guest Appearance)  

P.S. Anybody know a good harmonica player who'd like to audition for us. 
We're not sure if the opening is temporary or permanent. 
We do know that Harpdog Byrd has been on "the injured list" two years now. 

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