Wednesday, July 26, 2017

"The Hardest Lesson" And Venezuelan Jesuit Numa Molina

Venezuelan Jesuit, Numa Molina

Dear Josie,

Thanks for sending these fine articles by Padre Numa Molina S.J.

I increasingly believe -- precisely and with no sense of exaggeration -- that about half of human beings (at least in their degenerate American form) WANT to be misled, WANT to be lied to. (To some extent we all welcome "convenient truths" to suavizar the "inconvenient ones.)

The Hardest Lesson: People Want To Be Lied To | The Hardest Lesson People Want To Be Lied To. They Are Not Just Ignorant. They Are Aggressively Ignorant. Boastfully Ignorant. Evangelically | image tagged in trump and falsehood,trump's genius for lying,trump's populist appeal,trump's lies | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

To probe this startling (and repugnant) epiphany,  I encourage you to poke around the following link:

"Republicans Have Never Approved Democracy?" (Why Don't We Admit It?)

Pax tecum


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