Friday, July 7, 2017

On "Woke," "The Beast" Gets More Political and Personal Than Ever

The Beast, from left, is Pierce Freelon, Stephen Coffman, Pete Kimosh, and Eric Hirsh. - PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY ALEX BOERNER

Alan: The Beast's bass player, Pete Kimosh (at the center of the photograph above), operates "Deep Sound Studio" in Durham, North Carolina - not far from North Carolina Central University.

Pete is the best - a cheerful companion, eager to provide insightful commentary and useful suggestions. 

Or, if you already "know it all," Pete shifts to the unobtrusive background.

My band, "19 Miles From Davis" accepts no substitutes. 

You can contact Pete at 

On Woke, "The Beast" Gets More Political and Personal Than Ever 

The Beast
Durham, North Carolina

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