Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cancun Hospital Holds New-Born Hostage Until Mom And Dad Pay $35,000.00 Cash

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Dear F,

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In Mexico, private "for pay" hospitals -- and public health hospitals/clinics -- are two entirely different things.

I have little doubt that the couple in question wanted "all the whistles and bells," and now -- capitalism being what it is -- the private, pay-as-you-go hospital demands payment. 

Hold a kid hostage? 

No problem.

Here in the United States the GOP's "Healthcare Deprivation Act" does things differently. 

Except in emergencies, we don't treat people at all unless they pay upfront. 

And so we have significantly higher infant/mother mortality rates than elsewhere in the "developed" world.

Longevity in the United Stares trails Costa Rica, Chile, Cyprus, Slovenia and Greece. 

We are able to "see" the horror of Cancun whereas the horror here at home is largely invisible because within the United States the overarching medical horror has been camouflaged by long acclimatization to The Heartless System and "The Best Healthcare System In The World!"

When I guide travelers in Mexico, public health clinics have always treated me -- and my travelers -- for free.

In fact, public health physicians  saturate the country since graduate physicians must donate a calendar year of social service before the government issues their medical license. These public health docs have made "house calls" on my behalf and, following diagnosis, have even gifted me with medicines.

To quote The Mooch: "I hope they make a tremendous amount of money." ;>)



On Sun, Jul 23, 2017 at 10:21 AM, FV wrote:

Dear A

What do you think of the 30k bill a U.S. couple had to pay before they could get their 12 week premature baby out of a Cancun  hospital? It was a c section. The claim is they wouldn't take insurance and wanted cash.

Is pay as you go the Mexican healthcare system?



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