Tuesday, June 13, 2017

GOP Effort To Pass A "Healthcare Deprivation Act" While Americans Distracted By Comey

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Dear F,

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I have heard of the backroom effort to pass a "Healthcare Deprivation Act" while Americans are distracted by Comey, Sessions and Trump's blinding blizzard of bullshit.

Moments ago I said to friend Byron: "It's impossible to tell if things will be worse for Republicans if they fail to legislate a healthcare bill.... or if they  succeed." 

Here is my last blog post before last night's Spanish class -

Republican failure to pass a healthcare bill can always be countered by the sour-grapes chant: "We were obstructed by the libtards!"

On the other hand, an actual shit-bill -- crafted and passed by Republican sadists -- WILL hurt The Base. (... and Trump's approval rating is already in the mid-30s.)

Don't forget...

Whatever damage Trump does (short of nuclear war) is un-doable. (... I wonder if Mattis would kill His Satanic Majesty if Mafia Don started beating a nuclear war drum. I can see Mad Dog pulling out a pocket knife to cut his heart out... or wrapping his hands around Donald's throat to choke the f____ to death.)

If we see GOP shenanigans as the last gasp of a dying party rather than prelude to Republican resurrection, Trump (and the "conservatives" who support him) no longer look like "game-changers" but dipshit middle-schoolers who -- unable to create anything -- generate energy by the destructive power of "fission," taking adolescent delight in tearing things apart.

Kids ripping the wings off grasshoppers.


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On Mon, Jun 12, 2017 at 9:32 PM, FV wrote:

Dear A

Have you followed the behind closed doors healthcare bill that McConnell and Rep. have been mustering that they will try a 50 + VP vote to get passed?
McCaskill is livid and Dems trying to mount a campaign to stop them. 

This while Session testifying and Mueller might be fired  and all dt's stuff ( like the suck up Cabinet meeting he had this A.M. where him went around the table to have each Cabinet head tell how blessed and honored they are to be serving him.           
Mattis is the only one who kept his dignity by stating his happiness to serve the soldiers of this country. 

Then there's the law suit filed today by D.C. and Md. about dt's business conflicts of interest (profiting from foreign money ).  

While these side acts are going on, Republicans are ramming through a healthcare bill so they can then give tax breaks to the very wealthy.

Washington is a no brakes runaway train. How do we stop it?



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