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Bertrand Russell: "In Every Walk Of Life, Independence Is Punished By Failure"

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Dear Fred,

I just stumbled on the above quotation and no sooner did I recognize myself in it than you came to mind.

My "relationship" with Russell is curious: I am a student of comparative religion while Bertrand considers religion a dragon in need of slaying:

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Russell has always impressed me as plenty smart enough to realize that "the mythic" plays a decisive - even necessary - role in the human psyche and human affairs.

But he remains relentlessly utilitarian, an unbending champion of science and rationality.

Out of Russell's one-sided psychological fragmentation (psychological dis-integration?) emerges an intellectual spotlight more focused and illuminating than traditional "balance" would (or could) be.  

Setting "the mythic" aside, Russell provides extraordinary insight - insight made more penetrating by the focus enabled by "illuminating ignorance."

And so, while a resounding majority of human beings assume that divine punishment is not only true but sacred -- Jews, Christians and Muslims are ever eager to prove their personal salvation by damning "others" -- Russell casually states "the obvious" which, like "the purloined letter," is so easily overlooked:

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In future, when you feel the whispering doubts of "failure," introduce the more revealing doubt: "Why did my peers embrace the nation's All-American "whore of the Apocalypse" - the "bitch goddess, success." 

And who represents this yuge, rigid imago of "economic success" better than the world's premier asshole, who -- if he gets his way -- will "undo it all" and not inconceivably provoke Armageddon to avoid being "found out" as the fatuous, bloated ego he is? 

And the Christian dimwits will cheer!

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Pax tecum


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