Sunday, December 25, 2016

The RNC Says Its Christmas Message About a "New King" Referred to Jesus, Not Donald Trump

The RNC Says Its Christmas Message About a ‘New King’ Referred to Jesus, Not Donald Trump

Alan: The chatter about "real Americans" and "patriotism" is a the cover story for mindless regression to an autocratic alpha dog who promises to make the real work of democracy unnecessary.

Most of that work is learning and, within the domain of learning, how to use intellectual rigor to distinguish between truth and falsehood rather than worshipping the uninformed projection of one's own idiocy.

Tyranny's Best Kept Secret: It's ALL About Epistemology

It is actually possible to know what lies beyond the dimwit domain of enveloping opinion. 

But it requires work.

Hard work.
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Isaac Asimov Explains Trump's Victory

Aggressive Ignorance Is An All-American Pastime | Conservatives Are Angry At What Happened After They Behaved Irresponsibly. True To Form, They Elected Donald Trump | image tagged in politics,trump,morans,morons,ignorance,stupidity | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Check out...
"Trump For King"
(not well written but "enlightening")

There are two ways of lying, as there are two ways of deceiving customers. If the scale registers 15 ounces, you can say: "It's a pound." Your lie will remain relative to an invariable measure of the true. If customers check it, they can see that they are being robbed, and you know by how much you are robbing them: a truth remains as a judge between you. But if the demon induces you to tamper with the scale itself, it is the criterion of the true which is denatured, there is no longer any possible control. And little by little you will forget that you are cheating.    

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