Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Health Care Spending for U.S. Kids Jumped 56% in Less Than 20 Years. Now Getta Load O' This!

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Alan: We all know the refrain: "Lies, Damn Lies, And Statistics."

Unmentioned in the following article on the "jump" in healthcare cost is the fact that "the overall rate of inflation" over the last 20 years has been 47.6%. 

Taking this into account, it is a more reasonable, revealing and accurate to say that -- relative to the inflationary baseline in the United States -- healthcare spending for kids has not jumped at all, but has risen a very modest 8.4%.

An understanding of statistics is now necessary for responsible citizenship.

Not surprisingly, American conservatives deny all manner of statistical findings, preferring to champion statistically invalid anecdotes that in no way represent the generality.

Global warming denial -- based on the supposed proof of a particularly cold winter's day -- is typical of anecdotal seduction-deception. 

Health Care Spending for U.S. Kids Jumped 56 Percent in Less Than 20 Years

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