Monday, February 29, 2016

Former Clinton Official, Robert Reich, Endorses Bernie Sanders

I wasn't planning to endorse a presidential candidate in the Democratic primary. I have deep respect for both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and I planned to weigh in only on issues and policies from the sidelines.
But by last Friday, I couldn't in good conscience hold back. So I formally endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.
I'll say more about why in a minute, but first, I have a simple request. Today is the end of the quarter for Bernie Sanders. Right now, the only way we can get Big Money out of politics is by huge numbers of us contributing small money. That's why Bernie has set an exceptionally ambitious goal of raising $40 million this month before tonight's midnightFEC fundraising deadline. 
st among them, I believe Big Money is choking our democracy. It's perhaps the issue we must solve to move forward.
It's clear that Bernie has the passion and the track record to take on Big Money. But it's more than that. He's been leading by example—running a stunningly inspiring grassroots campaign that's unlike any other campaign in recent presidential history.
It's not powered by billionaire Super PACs but by millions of small donations from Americans. As the young people at his rallies know—and often shout back to him, joyously, during his speeches—his supporters' donations average just $27.
Bernie's building a movement by the little guy and gal, for the little guy and gal—for the people, not just the wealthiest few. His campaign has stunned the inside-the-Beltway political establishment—proving the cynics wrong.
Bernie's campaign is pointing out serious challenges in our democracy and economy, but it's fundamentally optimistic. He’s showing that we don't have to give up control of our destiny to Wall Street hedge fund managers and energy company billionaires. We, the people, can take our power back.
If we don't reverse the tide of damage wrought by decisions like Citizens United—and soon—then everything we care about achieving as a country will be out of reach. From reining in Wall Street to caring for our seniors to rebuilding our schools and crumbling infrastructure.
Time is running out—in this election year, and in the sweep of our country's history.
Bernie's campaign is happening at a crucial pivot-point in our history. Let's show up for it, together.
Thanks for all you do.
—Robert Reich

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