Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Inner Workings Of The Ferguson Grand Jury

No Grand Juries On Wall Street

FELDMAN: Prosecutor Bob McCulloch asked a poorly understood, secretive institution to decide Wilson's case. Grand juries are a vestige of medieval legal practice. The public doesn't know how they work, and they don't offer a transparent presentation of the evidence. McCulloch made a mistake by presenting the case to the grand jury in a neutral manner, hoping that doing so would lend validity to a decision not to charge Wilson. Bloomberg.

MILBANK: McCulloch acted as Wilson's defense lawyer, not as a prosecutor. He could easily have secured an indictment on a lesser charge -- if he had asked the grand jury for it, as was his responsibility. The Washington Post.

COBB: The promise of Obama's presidency was broken in Ferguson.  "The man who once told us that there was no black America or white America but only the United States of America has become a President whose statements on unpunished racial injustices are a genre unto themselves." The New Yorker.

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