Friday, November 28, 2014

Pope Francis In Turkey: Calls For Muslim Opposition To Islamic State

Pope, in Turkey, Calls for Muslim Opposition to Islamic State

New York Times
Pope Francis at the new presidential palace in Ankara during a three-day visit to Turkey. Credit Gregorio Borgia/Associated Press.

Pope Francis Condemns Islamic State, Demands Muslim Leaders Take A Stand Against Terrorists By + Paul Vale   Pope Francis condemned the Islamic State group's assault on Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq and Syria, as he arrived Friday in Turkey to encourage Muslim leaders to take a stronger stand against extremists who twist religion to justify terrorism -


BBC: Pope Francis In Turkey


Pope John XXIII was appointed Apostolic Delegate to Turkey in 1934

On November 30, 1934, he was appointed Apostolic Delegate to Turkey and Greece and titular archbishop of Mesembria, Bulgaria.[22][23] Roncalli took up this post in 1935 and used his office to help the Jewish underground in saving thousands of refugees in Europe, leading some to consider him to be a Righteous Gentile (see Pope John XXIII and Judaism). In October 1935, he led Bulgarian pilgrims to Rome and introduced them to Pope Pius XI on October 14.[24]


Jewish Refugees of the Bosphorus 

By Istanbul, 1944: A Bloomingdale’s executive and future Pope John XXIII teamed with Jewish intelligence agents to save hundreds of Eastern European Jews. 

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